Вы увидите всемирно известный Соловецкий монастырь* и музей деревянного зодчества на острове Кижи*, погасший вулкан Гирвас и водопад Кивач, столицу Карелии – Петрозаводск*, кинемотографическую столицу - Медвежьегорск и культурную столицу Карелии – Кондопогу.
Даты тура: 23.07.2020
5 дней
от 13 000 руб.

Program wisata

Hari pertama. Kamis

Berangkat dari Kostroma pada pukul 16:00 dari pusat pengeluaran RIO

Malam pindah ke Karelia.

Hari kedua

Di pagi hari - tiba di kota Medvezhyegorsk  (Karhumyaki) .  Bertemu dengan pemandu.
Sarapan pagi di kafe kota (melayani).
Wisata di z . Medvezhyegorsk  (Fin. Karhumäki (Karhumyaki): "karhu" berarti beruang, "sapi" berarti gunung). Terletak di bagian tengah Republik Karelia, dikelilingi oleh bebatuan dan perbukitan yang indah. Banyak film populer diambil di tempat-tempat ini: "Love and Pigeons", "And Trees Grow on the Rocks", "Platinum 2", dll. Itu Medvezhyegorsk yang menjadi pusat administrasi situs konstruksi Belomorkanal.
Wisata ke  Kanal Laut-Baltik Putih  dinamai Stalin. 227 km dari saluran dibangun hanya dalam 20 bulan!While the Suez Canal 160 km long was built over 10 years.
Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Built in memory of those killed in the construction of the LBC prisoners of the Gulag. The architecture of the temple is so unusual that it surprises all tourists who have visited these places. The church resembles a defensive tower with small loophole windows, and its wooden belfry is a camp watchtower.
We go further for new experiences and natural puzzles.
En route road trip "Karelia during the Finnish occupation."
Excursion  to Girvas - a unique geological object, the oldest crater of a volcano in Karelia! Scientists say that the last eruption of the now-dying volcano occurred about 2 billion years ago. According to some estimates, the lava flows flowing from the mouth of the volcano reached the place where Petrozavodsk is now located (70 kilometers!) You will see a view of a section of more than 20 lava flows and petrified volcanic "bombs" that include gas voids.
Mighty old man - giant -  Kivach waterfall - one of the largest flat waterfalls in Europe. The famous poet and first governor of our region, Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin, talentedly sang one of the most striking sights of Karelia. "The mountain is strewn with diamond from the heights of four rocks ...". A pleasant addition to the raging water element will be a grove of Karelian birch, which has become an ornament of the arboretum of the reserve. This is a mystery tree with amazing marbled wood. Even in the 21st century, scholars are debating about its origin.

Arrival in the city of  Kondopoga .

The musical clock is carillons. At the entrance to the city there are unusual musical clock-carillons. Dutch bells every hour slowly count down city time. Let's stop for a while at the belfry. Today, familiar tunes are just for you!

 Accommodation at the hotel "Karelia" *** (Kondopoga, Lenin Square 5).

Lunch in the cafe of the Karelia Hotel - buffet.

For those who wish for an additional payment, we offer:

* Safe  rafting rafting on the Shuya River  + picnic + tasting national drinks for adults and fruit drinks for children.
There are no age restrictions! Children from 12 years old can participate in rafting without parental support.
Experienced instructors will teach you how to fasten a life jacket and hard hat, show you the technique of controlling a raft and reveal the secret of the magic word "taban".
We will go along with them along the Shuya river and arrange pokatushki on the threshold of Big Tol.
And then we will share the good mood and emotions around the campfire on a picnic.
On the menu: Karelian trout ear, buckwheat with stew, fresh vegetable salad, hot tea with cookies. And, of course, the “combat” 100 g of Karelian tinctures for adults and fruit drinks for children.
And also a free tourist bath: 2 two-section tents with a stove keep the temperature of the Russian bath.
Price, including a tasting picnic: 1200 rubles. Payment by cash to the escort on the bus.

* A  concert of organ music  in the solemn and majestic Palace of Arts with marble statues, painted ceilings and luminous flights of stairs.
Here we are waiting for the mysterious king of musical instruments - the organ. It was brought from Hamburg, assembled by German organ masters of the company Rudolf von Beckerat and has about 4,500 pipes and 67 registers.
The cost is 350 rubles / adult, 300 rubles / child.  Payment at the reception of the hotel.

The third day.

Breakfast at the hotel - buffet (for those leaving for Solovki at 06:00).
Dinner on the route or at the hotel.

Free day. Today the choice is yours,  all options for excursions are booked when you purchase a tour. For a day, you can catch only option No. 1 or option No. 2 + No. 4 or option No. 3 + No. 4.

Option number 1.  Excursion to the island of Solovki:

Attention! Due to the busy schedule, lunch is not provided on the route, please take care of the snack in advance.
06:30 - departure to the port of Rabocheostrovsk.
Configure that a 390 km path will take 5-6 hours.
12:30 - Give the mooring lines! We embark on a sea voyage. We keep the camera ready - a meeting with a ringed seal or a sea hare is possible, and from the end of June with a whale. Photos among the boundless White Sea will receive quite a few likes in Contact.
Welcome to the famous  Solovki island - a  unique architectural monument and a place of pilgrimage for believers from around the world. Upon arrival on the island:
Sightseeing tour  and acquaintance with the monuments of the  central complex of the Solovetsky Monastery. During the tour, we will visit the territory of the central complex of the monastery, existing temples, monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, objects of economic activity and the Solovetsky Fortress. We learn about the life of the monks and the unique heating system of the monastery.
Impressions will be complemented by a walk to  Cape Labyrinths . Multi-colored mosses and lichens, undersized junipers, twisted dancing birches, clinging to scanty northern soil and ... stones. Smoothly polished by glaciers, they are the decoration of the famous islands and keep their many secrets. They say that during the time of Atlantis there was one of the most developed civilizations of the Hyperboreans.
On the island you can buy the famous White Sea seaweed, as well as cosmetics from kelp, visit the existing temple or swim in the White Sea.
The time spent on Solovki Island is from 4.5 hours to 6 hours (this depends on the ship’s movement schedule from Solovki Island).
Arriving on large land at the port of Rabocheostrovsk.
On the already familiar road, we return to Kondopoga .
Estimated arrival - 03:00. Duration of the tour with transfers: ~ 20 hours.
The cost of the excursion: 4,900 rubles / person, a child up to 9 years old (INCLUSIVE) - 3,000 rubles. Payment by cash to the escort on the bus.

*  Option number 2. Excursion "White Mountain. Tivdian marble."

We set off on a cognitive expedition to the  village of Belaya Gora  .
Once the village was the center of marble mining in the Russian north. Belogorsk marble was used very widely: for the Engineering Castle, for the Marble Palace of the Kazan Cathedral and the Roman fountains in Peterhof. Surprisingly, the pedestal of the monument to Nicholas I and the sarcophagus of Napoleon I were also made from it.
Upon arrival, a visit to the  village of Belaya Gora.  An unusual stone church rises above the village in the name of the  Icon of the Kazan Mother of God (1856).  The church is famous for the fact that its architect was Konstantin Ton, the author of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The church is made in the Byzantine style, with elements of Gothic architecture. The temple was not in demand by the local parish and quickly fell into decay.
Water ferry on motor rafts along the Tivdia river to the White Mountain. Tivdian marble park  .
Tour of the White Mountain. We’ll take a walk along the ecological path, find out a lot of interesting information about Belogorodsky marble developments and take a souvenir-pebble for memory.
Return to the hotel.
Duration of the tour with transfers 5 hours.
The cost of the tour: 1700 rubles / adult, child under 17 years old - 1500 rubles. Payment by cash to the accompanying person on the bus.

Option number 3.  Excursion "Where the" magic Sampo "revolves.

Let's go to the first Russian resort " Marcial Waters ", founded by Peter I on the basis of ferruginous mineral springs. Be sure to visit the foreign church of the Apostle Peter, which has been knocked out of a number of Russian northern churches since its construction. Already very unusual looked tall lancet windows, faceted ledges of the altar and vestibules, crosses without oblique beams and a spire crowning the building. This is not surprising - after all, the Dutchman Wilhelm Genin led the creation of a masterpiece designed by the emperor. The building almost three hundred years ago has preserved its historical interior, including unique candlesticks carved by Peter I. The
tasting of healthy glandular water from four sources will give new strength before climbing to a cult place from the national epic “Kalevala” - Mount Sampo . It has long been known that this mountain fulfills all the most secret desires. Let's
check the Shungite room. We will visit the relaxation medical room We learn a lot of interesting things about the beneficial properties of healing stone and try tea from purified shungite water.
Shungite souvenirs can also be purchased there.
The capital of the Forest Republic is the city of Petrozavodsk. What city is it, Petra? This is a port city, the forest capital of miners, fishermen, romantics. During a sightseeing tour, we will drive through the central squares and streets of the city and walk along the Onega embankment, which has become the hallmark of Petrozavodsk. Many modern avant-garde sculptures located in the open air made Onega embankment the brightest attraction of the capital of Karelia and a favorite place for walks of citizens. We will make some memorable photo-stops, whisper the treasured words into the magic ear of the Wish Tree and ask for material well-being from the Wallet of Fortune ..
Duration of the tour with transfers: ~ 9 hours.
The cost of the tour: 2200 rubles / adult, child under 17 years old - 2100 rubles. Payment by cash to the escort on the bus.

Вариант № 4. Водная прогулка под парусами по Онежскому озеру на корабле петровских времен.

Не каждый может похвастаться, что ходил под парусами на корабле петровских времен.
Добро пожаловать на борт уникального парусника - "Якутскъ".
Это точная копия судна, участвовавшего в Великой северной экспедиции по Берингову проливу в 1728 году. Дубель-шлюп был специально построен для съемок исторического фильма "Первые", которые проходили в Карелии.
Сегодня мы - первооткрыватели и в нашей экспедиции узнаем о самоотверженных патриотах и путешественниках Витусе Беринге, Василии и Татьяне Прончищевых, Семене Челюскине и братьях Лаптевых, научимся вязать морские узлы и полюбуемся красотой Онежских шхер.
Продолжительность: 1,5 часа.
Стоимость экскурсии: 900 рублей/человек. Оплата наличными сопровождающему в автобусе.

* Depending on the choice of excursions, it is possible: lunch at the hotel (buffet) or lunch on the route (complex).  The cost of 350 rubles / person. Payment at the hotel reception

Those who decide to stay in Kondopoga are invited to spend time outdoors. At your service there is a boat station on the shores of Lake Onega (300 m from the hotel), where you can taste pork kebabs, smoked trout and much more, as well as rent 4-seater rowing boats, bicycles, fishing rods and spinning rods.


Fourth day.

- Breakfast at the hotel - buffet.

For an additional payment we offer:

Water excursion to the famous island of Kizhi (RESERVED WHEN PURCHASING A TOUR):

This island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990.
Boat trip by taxi from Kondopoga, during which you can admire not only Lake Onega, but also numerous islands - Kizhi skerries. And here in front of us is the temple complex, built almost without a single nail.
We learn about all the secrets of the island when examining the ensemble of the Kizhi graveyard and visit the estate of the Zonezhsky peasant. And also we will see one of the oldest wooden churches in Russia - the Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus, which is rumored to have the ability to heal all ailments.
Duration of the tour: 5-6 hours. Time on the island of Kizhi: 2.5 hours.
The cost of the excursion on about. Kizhi: adult - 3500 rubles, pensioner 3200, child under 17 years old - 3100 rubles. Payment by cash to the escort on the bus.

Lunch in the cafe of the Karelia Hotel - buffet.
Release rooms.

Interactive program  "Karelian gatherings."
At national master classes, we plunge into the world of the traditional culture of the northern people and get acquainted with the peculiarities of the region.
We sit together at a wide table and, under the guidance of an experienced craftsman, prepare the famous "GARMS" from flour .  While the northern pies in the stove are reddening, we will make the “MISSIONS” amulet.
Now, in memory of Karelia, you will have your own souvenir - a talisman for family well-being.
Tea drinking with products of own production - gates. ("Tea table" on the 2nd floor of the hotel - around the clock, free of charge and always at your service).
Gently touch the strings of the ancient CANTELE instrument . "Gusli Väinämöinen" will sing about the wind and a warm, cozy house. There will always be happiness and joy. We will learn to dance Karelian, Finnish and Vepsian dances to the sounds of a fun song.

We leave for the shore of Lake Onega (200 m from the hotel).

The animation program  "Visiting the shaman". In the real Sami plague near a hot bonfire, together with the hospitable owner, we will get the sacred fire, we will call the tambourine of fire spirits and we will tell fortunes on runes. A wise master will scatter the ashes of sad thoughts in the wind, predict the future and burn all your failures in the fire.
Master class "Karelian bowling" . They will show you how to play the most popular game of the northern people. The ancient Karelian game "KYUKKYA" is a good training of memory, agility and ingenuity.
Visit to a kennel of sled dogs, a nursery garden of husky puppies and a contact mini-zoo (reindeer, goat, geese, ducks, caesars, etc.). In the "puppy" d / garden you can cuddle fluffy lumps and go for a walk with them. And of course, all pets will be happy with the photo session in a pleasant company.

Departure home.

Fifth day. Monday.

Return to your city

Additions to the tour:

- Services marked with * are purchased on tour for an additional fee.
- The travel time and duration of excursions are indicative  and depend on many factors that the company cannot influence: traffic jams and emergency situations on the roads, worsening weather conditions, repair work on the route, etc .;
- The company reserves the right to change the sequence of services without reducing their volume.
- Transfer to about. Kizhi is carried out on high-speed indoor boats - “water taxis” from the city of Kondopoga.
- When leaving for Karelia, it is advisable to have: a raincoat, comfortable shoes, cream from mosquitoes and sunburns, an inflatable pillow to rest on the bus, pills for motion sickness.
- In bad weather (wave height more than 1.5 meters), water excursions can be canceled. Refunds are made in full. The return method is similar to payment.

  • 15 850  rub. - Adult in a single room
  • 15 750  rub. - Senior citizen in a single room
  • 15050  rub. - Single occupancy (adult) in the block 2 + 1
  • 14 950  rub. - Single occupancy (senior citizen) in the block 2 + 1
  • 13400  rub. - Adult in a double room with amenities
  • 13 300  rub. - Pupil, student, senior citizen in a double room
  • 13,000  rub. - Adult in block 2 + 2
  • 12 900  rub. - Schoolchild, student, senior citizen in block 2 + 2
  • 12350  rub. - Adult on an extra bed in a double room
  • 12 250  rub. - Pupil, student, senior citizen on additional education. place
Discounts and additional services:
  • 0  rub - Booking excursions to Solovki (adult), payment by bus
  • 0  rub - Booking excursions to Solovki (child up to 9 years old incl.) Payment by bus
  • 0  rub - Booking the tour 'White Mountain' (adult) payment in the bus
  • 0  rub - Booking the tour 'White Mountain' (child) payment on the bus
  • 0  rub - Booking of the excursion 'Where the Sampo is Magic' (adult) payment on the bus
  • 0  rub - Booking of the excursion 'Where the magic Sampo is spinning' (child) payment in the bus
  • 0  rub - Booking a boat trip (all categories) payment on the bus
  • 0  rub - Booking an excursion to Kizhi (adult); payment by bus
  • 0  rub - Booking excursions to Kizhi (senior citizen); payment by bus
  • 0  rub - Booking an excursion to Kizhi (schoolchild); payment by bus
Additional Information :

Tempat tidur tambahan di kamar dengan fasilitas pribadi tidak dipasang di blok. Layanan tambahan yang ditandai dengan * dibayar dengan KERAS di tempat dengan uang tunai untuk orang yang menyertainya.



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Hotel "Karelia"

Lokasi :
Located on the central square in Kondopoga, at the address: Lenin Square, house 5.

Total jumlah kamar:
74 rooms, 194 places.


Lantai 1:  dental office, beauty salon, taxi service.

Lantai 2: Pohela  cafe (4 halls, 150 seats), souvenir shop, reception desk.

3-5 lantai:   kamar yang nyaman

Semua kamar memiliki TV. Gratis   Wi - Fi. Sekitar jam "meja teh" di lantai 2 hotel (termasuk dalam harga).



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